Welcome to The Fit Mom Movement!

I believe that all mothers have the right to feel young, confident, vibrant, capable, strong and sexy. Why not you?

​I’m a certified holistic health and fitness coach, a mom of 2, a wife and a busy entrepreneur who deals with on and off depression who has learned to THRIVE! I’ve transformed my life and I’m here to help you do the same. 

Can You Relate to the Following? Most moms I know:

  1. Feel really confused about what to eat and what exercises to do that will help us lose weight, fit into our clothes again and gain energy. Most of us feel like crap and don’t even know how bad we feel until we start to feel good again. Feeling awful does not have to be the norm!
  2. Feel really conflicted because we want to set a good example for our kids but we aren’t practicing healthy habits ourselves – we don’t want to “pass on” these habits to our kids. Instead, we want to feel like a role model and demonstrate healthy habits first-hand.
  3. We feel like we don’t have the TIME to fit cooking, meal planning, shopping, and exercise into our lives.
  4. We are terrified of failing again because we’ve tried so many things and have never stuck with it – we have never been able to be consistent and we have perfection paralysis.

Who I Work With: Is This You?

You’re a busy stay at home mom or working mom who tends to manage everything in your family’s life in addition to balancing a job and/or home life. You spend your time tending to everyone and everything and your health, weight and emotional eating have gotten out of hand. You have likely put on 5-50 extra pounds over the past few years, are experiencing fatigue, and you feel run down. Your own self-care has become the last thing on your priority list and you feel like you have no time to do the things you know you should do to feel better. You have tried many programs in the past but have been unsuccessful in sticking to a healthy lifestyle change. Your biggest need right now is the combination of the right program and the right support so you can start putting yourself first, feel younger, have more energy, fit into your clothes again, be a role model to your family so you can excel in all the areas of your life you care about.

What Your Issues Tend To Be:

You want to feel your best and be an example to your kids, but you have a hard time feeling like you can fit in the time to exercise and eat well while also balancing work and family life. Life feels overwhelming and you don’t know where to start. You are afraid to try yet another program because you’ve tried so many in the past and feel afraid of failure. You’re really unsure if you can do this.

What You Need Most Right Now:

What you need most right now is the guidance, support and system to help you get on the right track toward eating well and exercising, while teaching you how to escape the trap of “all or nothing thinking.” It’s about creating a new mindset that will allow you to achieve lasting change without the need to do everything perfectly. You need a support system that will teach you how to get back on track when you’re struggling and celebrate your successes when you’re on a roll. You need the help of someone who can teach you how to incorporate lifestyle change in a way that fits into your busy life, so you can feel in control of your meal planning, schedule, grocery shopping while also gaining an understanding of what to eat and how much to eat to achieve the results you desire.

How I can help:

Join one of my challenge groups today, and find out how you can feel AMAZING! If I can do it, you can do it. To learn more about work with me and join one of my challenge groups, schedule a Free 15 Minute Busy Mom Strategy Call by clicking HERE

Ps. For more about my story, please visit my About page: http://www.cortneychaite.com/cortney/. I talk more about being a highly sensitive person, my struggles with anxiety and depression, so if you are dealing with these things, I can relate!! 


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