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​I’m a certified holistic health coach, a mama and a highly sensitive person who deals with on and off depression who has learned to THRIVE! I am so passionate about watching women who have been feeling stuck for years transform their thinking, their eating and their bodies so they step back into their power and be the badasses that they truly are. I am here to teach you how to put yourself as your number 1 priority so you can be the very best you can be for your family and your career. Join one of my challenge groups today, and find out how you can feel AMAZING! If I can do it, you can do it. To learn more about challenge groups, click the Challenge Group Tab and to find out how to join, Contact me today!

Ps. For more about my story, please visit my About page. I talk more about being a highly sensitive person, my struggles with anxiety and depression, so if you are dealing with these things, I can relate!! 


5 Fabulous Slow cooker

5 Fabulous, Decadent, Clean Soups, Stews and Slow-Cooker Recipes

I LOVE TO EAT!!  It’s because I love to eat that I have to be a bit careful about what I eat. I have learned over the years that healthy food has to be good. If it’s not delicious, why bother? Right?  The sky is cloudy, rain is starting to fall, and a chill is starting […]

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4 Steps to Get Out of Overwhelm and Thrive Instead of Survive

It wasn’t too long ago that life was a total slog. I felt overwhelmed by my daily life: all the to-do’s, the demands, the management of EVERYTHING compounded by the lack of fun, excitement, and self-care. The cherry on top of this was the feeling that I had completely lost myself somewhere along the way. […]

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PicMonkey Collage

The Winding Road Back To My Soul Purpose

It’s been a crazy, amazing and life-changing 6 months for me since I went “back to work.” I graduated in 2004 from architecture school and had my son 10 days later. I focused on raising my two beautiful children for a number of years and after a few health scares, weight issues and sugar-addiction, I went into […]

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