I am Cortney, Lifestyle Alchemist and Wellness Mama.

I guide depleted mamas to ignite their inner magic and create powerful lifestyle and wellness transformations in the most natural way possible. 

I believe that food and plant medicine can change your life because they changed mine. I am a Health Coach and a mama of 2. It's my mission to help the mamas of the world empower themselves to feel amazing and to become a healer in their own home. I believe in creating and manifesting your own life, on your own terms, in the most natural way possible.

I work with women who can relate to one or all of the following:

  • Are you tired of going to the doctor over and over without a solution?
  • Are you leaking energy?
  • Have you birthed a baby and lost yourself?
  • Are you sick of fueling up at Starbucks because of an afternoon crash?
  • Are you tired of joining Weight Watchers over and over?
  • Are you craving a more natural approach to caring for your body and your kids?


I am a normal girl just like you, who was a lost mommy with newborns, overweight, terribly fatigued, suffering from digestive issues and focusing on everyone but myself. I was depressed. That's not how life is anymore because I transformed myself from the inside out and it all started with the food I eat. 

If you want the all-day energy I have, well then hop on and read more. I can teach you the same tools I used to change my life. Today, I feel better and more energized than I did as the 34 year old sick mamma with toddlers, and the best part? I finally found my passion in life and live my purpose every single day. 



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